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We Develop This Tactical Workshop That Will Accelerate Your Competitive Advantage

Increase Your Business & Employment Income

Grow your income and increase your pay by providing high quality work and value for your company growth quickly and effectively.

Qualify For In-Demand Marketing Career

The role of a digital marketer are critical for a company's growth!  Whether you want to become a strategist or a specialist, you can set yourself apart! 

Proven Strategies & Practical Insights

All the training sessions, notes and templates given are easy to understand, apply start seeing results within days or weeks, trained by industry practitioner. 

Today’s Marketers Have to Be More Agile than Ever Before

Are you ready for the latest update and the non-stopping algorithm update on Facebook, Instagram and all other Social Media platform?

What about the latest announcement and changes on Google core search?

Feeling overwhelmed, confuse and frustrated - That's how most of us would feel.

One update stacks on another, campaign gets rejected, ads campaign are losing money, with very expensive cost per results, people are not signing up and all these painful events are real!

We feel you and we got you.

Digital Marketing Can Be Daunting...
Media Funnel Make It Easy.

As our programme are endorsed and approved by Malaysian and International authority such as Human Resource Development Corporation, MDEC and Digital Marketing Institute by UK...

We know what is best for the companies and it's team.

Weather you're the head of marketing, director, solo-preneurs or an executive who wants to accelerate skillset and competency, You'll get access to our checklist, notes, insights and all other support materials to help achieve your goals.

Here's What We'll Cover:

Digital Marketing 101

All the essentials of digital marketing fundamentals and concepts help you brainstorm, plan and craft out your own winning online campaign.

Content Marketing

Plan, research, create and curate content that generates more organic traffic and convert them into leads for both Social Media and Search Engine. 

Social Media Marketing

Learn to create advertising campaigns to drive more awareness, build increase, increase engagement and generate more leads online profitably.

Website Development

Learn to design and develop a SEO and user friendly sites like a pro with the latest drag and drop tools, save more  cost and build your online brand even if you're a total beginner.

Copy Writing

Write powerful headlines, get reference from experts industry for an effective copywriting structure and engaging captions that will connect and influence your audience to take action.

Building Sales Funnel

Different products and services require different types of funnels, to help optimize your marketing results. Get all the tools and build your own funnels!

Email Marketing

Learn how to set up, automate and activate your online customer journey through email marketing, and using it as a strategy to increase subscribers' engagement, build meaningful connection and generate sales.

Data Analytics

Measure and analyze your marketing campaign, understand what it means, connect the dots and make better marketing decision and improve the performance. What gets measure, gets improve!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Boost traffic and optimised your website using SEO tools, conduct keywords and competitor analysis, fix your site and increase your site visibility in Google search results page (SERPs)

Our Syllabus is Certified and Recognized By:

Alex Ang Certified Digital Marketing Professional
Meet Your Trainer
Alexander Ang Speaker's Profile Pic

Alexander Ang


Alexander Ang is the CEO & Founder of Media Funnel Sdn Bhd, a Certified Digital Marketing Professional, UK, Certified HRD Corp Trainer and a Certified NLP Practitioner.

He is also an active and contributing member for Business Network International (BNI) where he was a past Secretary and Treasurer and a Growth Coordinator in Kuala Lumpur, Summit Chapter.

Other than that, he is also a member of Junior Chamber International (JCI Bandar Klang) and a member of Toast Masters International 

Speaker's Background

Alexander's passion has always been into coaching and nothing is more fulfilling than seeing the success of his students' and clients' business grew after attending his courses and personal coaching. 

He has trained participants from various industry such as Health and Wellness, academy and financial institution, PR and marketing agencies, engineering companies, MNCs and government linked institution since 2020.

His sessions are interactive, with practical case studies, sharing templates and best practices for his students to improve their marketing results after the programme.

Such works and dedication has won him over 100+ positive testimonials and reviews on Google and Facebook from participants from all walks of life, from executives, managers, directors to even CEO.

 Today, Alexander is highly motivated to empower more people and organizations that are facing challenges in their business and help them succeed through his proven digital marketing strategies.

Brand Experience

Speaking and training experience including TuneTalk Malaysia, Nirvana Group, DKSH Asia (With 12-Countries) , Percetakan Tenaga, Help University, UTAR College, KPJ Kluang Hospital, Quest MasteryAsia Group, Euphoria Malaysia, iProperty and Property Guru, PTPTN, Abott Malaysia, Bio-Life Malaysia, SPB Development, Malaysia Convention and Exhbition Bureau, Honda Malaysia and many more.

Participants Background

From executives, managers, head of department, directors to CEOs, Alexander focus on solving different challenges from the bottom to the top management level for the companies. 

These challenges include competency training, strategic alignment on the marketing goals, marketing KPI settings, roles and responsibility, technical setup and managing a productive marketing team.

Track Record

He was an executive vice president - Digital Marketing, heading 5 different departments from paid advertising team, content marketing team, tele-marketing team, website development team and media design team for a group of companies.

With over 7 years of experience, managing over RM 800,000 of advertising budget , he has personally written and review hundreds of copies and campaign, for more than 40 different types of products and serivces, Alex and his team has contributing to over million of revenue for his previous group of companies every year,

Since then, he has also personally start and build his business from scratch, from 0 to multiple-six figure of revenue within 18 months during the covid outbreak in year 2020.

Testimonials and Review

Over 100+ combined positive reviews, you'll never go wrong!

Click on the Facebook Page link and our Google Review to checkout what his students are saying.


Over 100+ Combined Testimonials and Review

Modules Overview

Module 1

Module 1 Overview

Core Concepts of Digital Marketing

Learn the critical elements of digital marketing, concepts and strategies on how to apply those concepts on your company.

Lesson 1

Elements of Digital Marketing.

Lesson 2

Latest marketing data and insights.

Lesson 3

Ultimate marketing framework.

Lesson 4

Competitor and demand analysis.

Lesson 5

Customer avatar and market persona.

Lesson 6

Flywheel online behaviour journey.

Module 2 Overview

Content Marketing

Learn different types of content marketing strategies on to build following, increase brand authority and increase your sales. 

Lesson 1

Categories of content.

Lesson 2

Content pillars and ideas.

Lesson 3

Topic Research, ideation and creation.

Lesson 4

Content calendar strategies.

Lesson 5

Creating reels and TikTok tutorial.

Lesson 6

Latest features and updates overview.

Module 3 Overview

Social Media Marketing

Learn how to plan and launch an effective and profitable marekting campaign on Facebook and Instagram, that will increase your ROI.

Lesson 1

Social Media Campaign Overview.

Lesson 2

Finding Multiple Marketing Message .

Lesson 3

Ads Creation Process.

Lesson 4

Campaign Optimiztion and Scaling.

Lesson 5

A/B Split Testing Strategies.

Lesson 6

Optimizing Ads Copy and Creatives.

Module 4 Overview

Google Ads Marketing

Learn how Google ads works and how you can leverage on the largest Search Engine on earth to generate interest, leads and convert them into customers.

Lesson 1

Types of Google Ads.

Lesson 2

Keyword Research.

Lesson 3

Google Ads Creation Walkthrough.

Lesson 4

Monitor and Optimizing Your Campaign.

Lesson 5

Analyse Your Google Ads Campaign.

Lesson 6

Best Practices and Trouble Shooting.

Module 5 Overview

Search Engine Optimization

Learn how to rank your website on first page of Google, to drive high quality traffic to your site consistently, 24/7.

Lesson 1

Understand how search engine works.

Lesson 2

Core concepts of SEO.

Lesson 3

Technical SEO lists walkthrough.

Lesson 4

On-page SEO lists walkthrough.

Lesson 5

Off-page SEO lists walkthrough.

Lesson 6

Measure your SEO effort and campaign.


Module 6 Overview

Website Optimization

Learn how to build and develop a high performing website, with modern design and structure, with landing pages even if you're a beginner.

Lesson 1

Concept of building a website.

Lesson 2

Designing the layout structure.

Lesson 3

Build your first professional website.

Lesson 4

Test and configure website function.

Lesson 5

Finding website layout ideas and tools.

Lesson 6

Trouble shoot and security setup.

Module 7 Overview

Data Analytics Mastery

Learn how to identify, prioritize, simplified and organized your data to make informed marketing decision instead of guessing and feeling it.

Lesson 1

Understand types of marketing data.

Lesson 2

Social Media metrics analysis.

Lesson 3

Google search marketing analysis.

Lesson 4

Connecting data and generate insights.

Lesson 5

Making data-driven marketing decision.

Lesson 6

Heatmap and user bahaviour analysis.

Module 8 Overview

Copywriting Mastery

Learn proven formula to craft and write eye-catching copies to that will more clicks, influence action and conversion.

Lesson 1

Principles of copywriting.

Lesson 2

Legendary copywriting formula.

Lesson 3

Emotional hook and connection.

Lesson 4

Caption copies for social media and ads.

Lesson 5

Using words that triggers action.

Lesson 6

The power of one.

Module 9 Overview

Email Marketing

Activate, nurture and turn on your customer experience and grow your list and sales through email marketing.

Lesson 1

Core concepts of email marketing.

Lesson 2

Types of emails and when to use it.

Lesson 3

Strategies to increase your open and CTR

Lesson 4

Analyze your email marketing campaign.

Lesson 5

Types of email marketing funnels.

Lesson 6

Increase delivery rate with tools.

Module 10 Overview

Conversion Funnel Mastery

Develop, build and automate your entire customers acquisition journey that drives productivity and marketing performance consistently.

Lesson 1

Understanding types of sales funnel.

Lesson 2

Case studies with best practices.

Lesson 3

Identifying customer acquisiton process.

Lesson 4

Build and automate your funnels.

Lesson 5

Drafting your funnels on a canvas.

Lesson 6

Monitor and optimize your conversion.

What Is Included In The Workshop?

Top to Bottom Insights and Lessons

Our "Behind-The-Scene" Running Campaign

Templates, Checklist & Recommended Tools

Hardcopy Programme Slides and PDF Notes

Qualified, Certified & Professional Trainer

Practical, Q&A & Coaching Sessions

On-Going After Training Support

On-Going Private Memos and Newsletter

On-Demand Training Videos (Coming Soon)

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