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Level Up Your Digital Marketing Skills and Competency that are Guaranteed to Work and See Results

Boost Traffic with Media Funnel's Coaching

Boost Traffic

Learn strategic ways to drive quality and consistent traffic to your business  without having to  increase your advertising budget.

Generate Leads with Media Funnel's Coaching

Generate Leads

Tried, tested and proven lead generation method to help you engage with more prospects through copies, offers and optimization.

Improve Conversions with Media Funnel's Coaching

Improve Conversions

Measure, analyze and improve your marketing conversion through data-driven optimization process with less time and effort.

We Develop This Tactical Workshop That Will Accelerate Your Competitive Advantage

We train, coach and support individuals and companies who want to take their digital marketing competency to the next level without wasting any precious time, effort, and ads budget. 

We do that through in-house training, certified programs and post-workshop support together with a sustainable, predictable and scalable digital marketing process, system and framework with tactical sessions, accountability coaches, and world-class training.

Increase Website Traffic

Drive high-quality visitors to your site and optimize your website conversion.

Generate Leads Consistently

Reach out to your audience and generate consistent leads though social media.

Improve Campaign Conversion

Reduce cost per result and maximize your advertising budget in no time.

Systemize and Automate

Save more cost, eliminate non-productive work and drive growth with customer experience automation.

Data Into Profitable Actions

Track your results, analyze them with ease and make informed marketing decision to generate more leads and sales.

Optimize and Scale

Know what and how to optimize, and scale your winning campaign with our proven optimization method.


Here’s Who We Can Help

Head of Marketing

Head of Marketing

Who wants to reduce the learning curve and build a highly competent marketing team for the company.

Founders & Entrepreneurs

Founders & Entrepreneurs

Who want to avoid burnouts, get the ball rolling and ready to grow a small team for their business again.

Agency Owners

Agency Owners

Who want to launch profitable digital strategies to support their distributors and agents for more leads and sales.

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Alexander Ang

Alexander Ang Speaking On Stage

CEO & Founder of Media Funnel

Co-founded Media Funnel Sdn Bhd on May 2020 that has served more than 50 brands ever since. Fun fact: before this, the company name was called Traffic and Funnels Enterprise.

Certified Digital Marketing Professional ,UK

Currently appointed as the main trainer to coach students who want to advance their digital marketing career and get international certification from Digital Marketing Institute, UK.

Certified HRD Corp Trainer

Appointed as a trainer to train and coach individuals who lost their jobs during the pandemic, for both PENJANA and PERKESO subsidy initiative so that they can start their part time business or advance their career in the area of digital marketing.

8 Years of Hard-Core Experience In The Industry

Ran countless Social Media and Search Marketing Campaigns, wrote countless copies, launched hundreds landing pages for all types of industries in both B2B and B2C markets.

Speakers background
Participants Background
Track Record

Speaker's Background

Alexander’s passion has always been coaching. Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing the success of his students’ and clients’ business after attending his courses and personal coaching.
He has trained participants from various industries such as Health and Wellness, academy and financial institution, PR and marketing agencies, engineering companies, MNCs as well as government linked institutions since 2020.
His sessions are interactive - with practical case studies, shared templates and best practices for his students to improve their marketing results post-workshop.

Participant's Background

From executives, managers, head of department, directors to CEOs, Alexander focuses on solving different challenges from the bottom to the top management level of a company.
These challenges include competency training, strategic alignment on marketing goals, marketing KPI settings, roles and responsibilities, technical setup and managing a productive marketing team.
Some brands who have participated in Alexander's Ang training include KPJ Hospital, TuneTalk Malaysia, Tokio Marine, Bio-Life, Abott-Malaysia, DKSH, Proton dealership, Poh Kong, AA Pharmacy, iProperty and Property Guru, and many more.

Track Record

He was an executive vice president – Digital Marketing, leading 5 different departments from paid advertising team, content marketing team, tele-marketing team, website development team to media design team for a group of companies.
He and his team were also one of the top finalists for the 2022 Agency of the Year award in these respective categories: "Agency Leader of the year", "Analytics Agency of the year" and "Most-Creative Non-Government Sector".
With over 8 years of experience in managing over RM 800,000 of advertising budget, he has personally written and review hundreds of copies and campaigns for more than 50 different types of products and services, Alex and his team has contributed to over a million of revenue for his previous group of companies every year.
He has also personally started and built his business during the covid outbreak in 2020 from scratch, jumping from zero to multiple six-figure of revenue within 18 months, and has been growing strong since then.


Modules Overview

Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4
Module 5
Module 6
Module 7
Module 8
Module 9
Module 10

Module 1:  Unpacking Core Concepts of Digital Marketing

Learn the critical elements of digital marketing, uncover key concepts, strategies and apply those concepts directly to your products, services and brand.

Lesson 1 - 4 must know principles for Digital Marketing success.
Lesson 2 - Unpacking the latest marketing data, trends and insights.
Lesson 3 - 8 core pillars of digital marketing elements.
Lesson 4 - Competitor research, planning and analysis framework. 
Lesson 5 - Identify your core customer avatar formula.
Lesson 6 - Uncover consumer online buying behavioural journey.

Module 2: Content Marketing

Learn how to increase brand authority and credibility, build trust and improve overall conversion with content marketing.

Lesson 1 - Core concepts of content marketing as a strategy 
Lesson 2 - Structure your content pillars, theme and format quickly.
Lesson 3 - How to conduct topic research, generate unlimited content ideas that your audience will love within minutes.
Lesson 5 - Create  Reels and TikTok videos for authority building for maximum organic reach and growth.
Lesson 6 - Principles of creating high quality, authentic and highly engaging content.
Lesson 7 - How to batch content fast, plan, create and schedule content.
Lesson 8 - How to increase organic reach on Social Media  (Latest method)
Lesson 9 - How to measure your content marketing effort.

Module 3: Social Media Marketing

Learn how to launch a highly effective paid ads campaign on Facebook and Instagram, which will increase your return on ad spent and reduce overall cost per result.

Lesson 1 - Social media success blueprint overview.
Lesson 2 - Identify different marketing messages for your brand.
Lesson 3 - Live demo of ads creation process. (Latest best practices)
Lesson 4 - Live campaign monitoring and optimization process.
Lesson 5 - A/B split testing concepts and strategies.
Lesson 6 - Retargeting strategy: Custom and lookalike audience 
Lesson 7 - Campaign scaling process and conversion rate optimization.
Lesson 8 - Strategic planning: Working with advertising agencies effectively for better marketing results.
Lesson 9 - Advance ads campaign conversion funnels.

Module 4: Google Ads Marketing

Learn how Google ads work and how you can leverage on the largest Search Engine on earth to generate interest, leads and convert them into customers.

Lesson 1 - Types of Google Ads campaign and how you choose a suitable one.
Lesson 2 - Keyword Research for demand and analysis.
Lesson 3 - Live demo of Google ads campaign setup.
Lesson 4 - How to monitor and optimize your live Google ads campaign.
Lesson 5 - Optimize your landing pages based on best practices.
Lesson 6 - Using Google ads dashboard for data analytics and measurement with meaningful insights.

Module 5: Search Engine Optimization

Learn what it takes to rank your website on the first page of Google and drive high quality traffic to your site 247 consistently without spending a dollar.

Lesson 1 - Understand how search engine works and why it matters.
Lesson 2 - Core concepts of SEO & common mistakes marketers make.
Lesson 3 - Technical SEO lists walkthrough and setup.
Lesson 4 - On-page SEO setup and optimization.
Lesson 5 - Off-page SEO lists strategies.
Lesson 6 - Recommended (Free and Paid) tools for speeding up your SEO marketing process.
Lesson 7 - Understand Google Analytics 4 for SEO success.
Lesson 8 - Understand Google Search Console and use it monitor your website performance. (With use case)

Module 6: Website Development & Optimization

Learn how to build and develop a SEO-friendly website (WordPress) with modern design and structure, including high converting landing pages even if you’re a total beginner.

Lesson 1 - Process and concept of building a website.
Lesson 2 - Designing the layout structure for maximum engagement and conversion.
Lesson 3 - Live demo of building your first professional website and/or landing page.
Lesson 4 - How to integrate and configure your website.
Lesson 5 - Smart ideas for finding and building a world class professional website . (Beginner friendly)
Lesson 6 - Website trouble shoot methods and security setup to prevent getting hacked and spammed.
Lesson 7 - Configure powerful analytics tool on your website to understand the behaviour of your website visitors.

Module 7: Data Analytics Mastery

Learn how to identify, prioritize, simplify and organize your data to make informed marketing decisions instead of guessing and following your gut feelings.

Lesson 1 - Understand different types of marketing data.
Lesson 2 - Core concepts of social media metrics analysis.
Lesson 3 - Understand different types of Google marketing metrics and data.
Lesson 4 - How to "Think": Filter raw data, connect them and generate insights to improve your marketing results.
Lesson 5 - Google Analytics 4 setup, overview and tutorial.
Lesson 6 - Google Search Console for website performance monitoring, optimization and SEO ranking.
Lesson 7 - Heatmap analytics and user behavior analysis.

Module 8: Copywriting Mastery

Learn proven formula to craft and write eye-catching copies and captions that will get more clicks, influence action and conversion on Social Media and Search Engine.

Lesson 1 - 10 "Must-learn" principles of a good copywriting.
Lesson 2 - Legendary copywriting formula that is easy to learn and master.
Lesson 3 - Creating emotional hook and connecting with your audience through emotional trigger words.
Lesson 4 - Different method for caption copies for social media post, Search Engine and paid ads campaign.
Lesson 5 - Evergreen headline formulas and templates that you can use immediately.
Lesson 6 - Copywriting strategies for email marketing to maximum open and click through rate.
Lesson 7 - Copywriting strategies for content marketing that will make your audience like and trust you even more.
Lesson 8 - Copywriting strategies for landing pages that will improve your conversion results quickly.

Module 9: Email Marketing Mastery

How to grow, retain, nurture and increase sales conversion by building a community through email marketing funnels and automation.

Lesson 1 - Core concepts of a successful email marketing campaign.
Lesson 2 - Types of emails to write and when to use each of them.
Lesson 3 - Strategies to increase subscribers open rate and click through rate when you broadcast emails regularly.
Lesson 4 - How to analyze and optimize your email marketing campaign.
Lesson 5 - Different types of email marketing funnels for customer's retention, re-activation, engagement, sales and conversion.
Lesson 6 - How to grow your email list, reduce SPAM scores, tackle unsubscribe rate and increase inbox delivery rate.

Module 10: Sales Funnel In Marketing

Develop, build and automate your entire customer acquisition journey that drives productivity, sales, conversion and marketing performance consistently.

Lesson 1 - Understand different types of sales funnel objectives.
Lesson 2 - Case studies of online sales funnel with best practices.
Lesson 3 - Map your funnels with funnel simulation tools (Free).
Lesson 4 - How to integrate and automate your funnels without coding.
Lesson 5 - Lead magnet and profit maximization funnel building.
Lesson 6 - Monitor, test and optimize your funnel conversion.
Lesson 7 - Use sales funnel for communication, relationship building and customer ascension process.


Modules Overview

Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4
Module 5

Module 1 Overview -
Core Concepts of Digital Marketing

Learn the critical elements of digital marketing, concepts and strategies on how to apply those concepts on your company.

Lesson 1 - Elements of Digital Marketing.
Lesson 2 - Latest marketing data and insights.
Lesson 3 - Ultimate marketing framework.
Lesson 4 - Competitor and demand analysis.
Lesson 5 - Customer avatar and market persona.
Lesson 6 - Flywheel online behaviour journey.

Module 2 Overview -
Content Marketing

Learn different types of content marketing strategies on to build following, increase brand authority and increase your sales.

Lesson 1 - Categories of content.
Lesson 2 - Content pillars and ideas.
Lesson 3 - Topic Research, ideation and creation.
Lesson 5 - Creating reels and TikTok tutorial.
Lesson 6 - Latest features and updates overview.

Module 3 Overview -
Social Media Marketing

Learn how to plan and launch an effective and profitable marekting campaign on Facebook and Instagram, that will increase your ROI.

Lesson 1 - Social Media Campaign Overview.
Lesson 2 - Finding Multiple Marketing Message.
Lesson 3 - Ads Creation Process.
Lesson 4 - Campaign Optimiztion and Scaling.
Lesson 5 - A/B Split Testing Strategies.
Lesson 6 - Optimizing Ads Copy and Creatives.

Module 4 Overview -
Google Ads Marketing

Learn how Google ads works and how you can leverage on the largest Search Engine on earth to generate interest, leads and convert them into customers.

Lesson 1 - Types of Google Ads.
Lesson 2 - Keyword Research.
Lesson 3 - Google Ads Creation Walkthrough.
Lesson 4 - Monitor and Optimizing Your Campaign.
Lesson 5 - Customer avatar and market persona.
Lesson 6 - Best Practices and Trouble Shooting.

Module 5 Overview -
Search Engine Optimization

Learn how to rank your website on first page of Google, to drive high quality traffic to your site consistently, 24/7.

Lesson 1 - Understand how search engine works.
Lesson 2 - Core concepts of SEO.
Lesson 3 - Technical SEO lists walkthrough.
Lesson 4 - On-page SEO lists walkthrough.
Lesson 5 - Off-page SEO lists walkthrough.
Lesson 6 - Measure your SEO effort and campaign.
Module 6
Module 7
Module 8
Module 9
Module 10

Module 6 Overview -
Website Optimization

Learn how to build and develop a high performing website, with modern design and structure, with landing pages even if you’re a beginner.

Lesson 1 - Concept of building a website.
Lesson 2 - Designing the layout structure.
Lesson 3 - Build your first professional website.
Lesson 4 - Test and configure website function.
Lesson 5 - Finding website layout ideas and tools.
Lesson 6 - Trouble shoot and security setup.

Module 7 Overview -
Data Analytics Mastery

Learn how to identify, prioritize, simplified and organized your data to make informed marketing decision instead of guessing and feeling it.

Lesson 1 - Understand types of marketing data.
Lesson 2 - Social Media metrics analysis.
Lesson 3 - Google search marketing analysis.
Lesson 4 - Connecting data and generate insights.
Lesson 5 - Making data-driven marketing decision.
Lesson 6 - Heatmap and user bahaviour analysis.

Module 8 Overview -
Copywriting Mastery

Learn proven formula to craft and write eye-catching copies to that will more clicks, influence action and conversion.

Lesson 1 - Principles of copywriting.
Lesson 2 - Legendary copywriting formula.
Lesson 3 - Emotional hook and connection.
Lesson 4 - Caption copies for social media and ads.
Lesson 5 - Using words that triggers action.
Lesson 6 - The power of one.

Module 9 Overview -
Email Marketing

Activate, nurture and turn on your customer experience and grow your list and sales through email marketing.

Lesson 1 - Core concepts of email marketing.
Lesson 2 - Types of emails and when to use it.
Lesson 3 - Strategies to increase your open and CTR
Lesson 4 - Analyze your email marketing campaign.
Lesson 5 - Types of email marketing funnels.
Lesson 6 - Increase delivery rate with tools.

Module 10 Overview -
Conversion Funnel Mastery

Develop, build and automate your entire customers acquisition journey that drives productivity and marketing performance consistently.

Lesson 1 - Understanding types of sales funnel.

Lesson 2 - Case studies with best practices.

Lesson 3 - Identifying customer acquisiton process.

Lesson 4 - Build and automate your funnels.

Lesson 5 - Drafting your funnels on a canvas.

Lesson 6 - Monitor and optimize your conversion.


What Is Included In The Workshop?

Top to Bottom Insights and Lessons

Hardcopy Programme Slides and PDF Notes

On-Going After Training Support

Our “Behind-The-Scene” Running Campaign Demo

Instructed by Qualified, Certified & Professional Trainer

Weekly Private Memos and Newsletter (Coming Soon)

All Templates, Checklist & Recommended Tools

Practical, Q&A & Coaching Sessions Throughout

On-Demand Training Videos (Coming Soon)


What Others Have To Say

Media Funnel's Coaching Testimonials


Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend the training?

To be a good fit for Alexander Ang's Digital Marketing Programme, you are probably:

1. Head of marketing who is managing a marketing team or working with a third party agency - someone who wants to learn strategic approach to crafting highly effective digital marketing campaign for the company, and lead the team to achieve breakthrough and profit growth.

2. Freelancer or aspiring entrepreneur who wants to learn how to learn how to generate more leads, build authority in your niche online.

3. Executives who focus on executing most of the marketing activities and tasks, responsible at communicating with your superior and spear heading the company's marketing direction.

4. Individuals who think that they're lacking ideas and digital strategies; those who want to upgrade their digital marketing competency, skillsets and knowledge based on what is currently working without wanting to waste effort and time going through trial and errors.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes, we offer a refund if you're not satisfied with the programme after first half of the session and completing our feedback form.

How much is the training?

Per day training fees is RM 6,000 (HRD Corp Claimable),  with a minimum of 3 participants to kick-start the class. For public programme under HRD Corp, per person training investment fee is only RM 1,300 per day. All training sessions include lunch, tea breaks, handouts, training materials, support group after the workshop.

Is the training practical or mostly theory based?  

The training, content and case study shared in class are based on years of learning experience and what we do every day as an agency. It is 100% actionable, achievable, and you'll start see results almost immediately once you've applied what you learned in the class to your work. 

Why do students love attending your programme? 

It is my mission to share all my knowledge and skills and to educate and equip more people with better digital marketing skills. I don't keep secrets when I teach. I also make it super easy to understand through frameworks, activities, real examples and over the shoulder demo so I  can show you exactly how it's done. All-out, no nonsense, interactive sessions with everything I've learned and mastered over the years.

Let's Build Your Company’s “Marketing Operating System” With Plans And Everything You Need To Get Predictable, Sustainable and Scalable Results

Schedule a 30-minute session with us to discuss your marketing direction for the year 2024 and beyond today.

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