Build an In-House
Online Marketing Team

That Transforms Your Stress-Filled Marketing Routine Into a Successful, Sustainable & Effective Powerhouse… With a Marketing Framework That Works for Your Business and Brand.

Our programme is developed and recognized by:

Alex Ang Certified Digital Marketing Professional

Let Us Set Up, Train & Grow Your Marketing Team that is Lead-Capturing and Revenue-Focused Today!

Digital marketing is fast changing, confusing and overwhelmed at times... In Media Funnel, we want to make it is simple and effective, predictable and less stressful to deal with.

Sounds Familiar?

You have good products and services, but your marketing results are inconsistent. 

You've no time to learn all these A/B split, copywriting, design and optimization skills...

You tried Youtube & Googling your way trying out different strategies, or hiring someone that is more internet savvy than you...

Only to realize that you're burning up your ads budget, that has little to no conversion.

Most Marketing Problems...

Getting inconsistent marketing results without knowing why.
Spent a lot on your ads budget with little to no return.
Hiring the wrong person to do the marketing work.
Don't Have a Proper ROI marketing process.
Don't know how to work with your agency effectively.
Don't know how to measure and analyse your campaign data.

What If We Build a Profitable Marketing Process For Your Company?

Alex Ang Speaking

After serving more than 70 brands and managing hundreds of campaign across all types of niches, here's what we do for our client every day (literally):

Driving more traffic (Organic and Paid)
Improving ad spent with higher ROI and ROAS
Writing powerful marketing copy
Analysing data with insights
Optimizing current marketing channels
Generating More Leads
Improving Conversion Rate

Build Your Own Private digital agency team,
that focuses only on your business goal, 5 days a week and 8 hours a day!

We'll train and coach you, together with your team, including all the setup that you'll ever need to leap forward your marketing goals:

Create and install a growth "marketing process" that produces a steadily increasing flow of traffic, leads, customers, and revenue
Train, coach and equip your marketing team on how to use our system and processess (That marketing agencies use to run their own marketing campaign)
Prioritize, simplify and systemize 80% of all your customer acquisition procss that can run by itself with, or without you.
Stop having to figure out everything by yourself, focus on what you do best and leave the rest to us and your core marketing team.

Your Company Needs a "Marketing Operating System"

A Marketing Operating System consists of the most important documents that talk about how to improve your company's marketing results, making sure it is effective and profitable. It is a progress to moving toward your strategic business growth.

See how we can help you plan, setup, build and install these framework for your team with confidence!

2 Ways We Can Help

Let Us Train Your Team

In-House Training 

Customized in-house marketing training
HRD Corp claimable
Access to our marketing checklist and templates
Internal marketing team support
On-site coaching session
Improve internal team's competency and results after the programme.
Gain clarity, action steps and confidence in producing results after the training.

Let's Do It Together

Services & Consulting 

We do the heavy lifting of all important marketing framework setup and pass it on to you.
On-going coaching, mentoring, support & training
Work closely with our industry experts & coaches
Access to our entire marketing and business strategies checklist, templates, processess and notes.
Monthly consulting and strategic marketing session with top management and execution team.
Gain clarity, action steps and confidence in producing greater results (Guaranteed).


The Difference We Made 

Over 22,146 Leads Generated

Tens of thousands of leads generated steadily over the years with less cost, leveraging on different social media network and Google Search Engine.

Published Over 416 Webpages

We have reviewed, revamped and built over 400 webpages including landing pages, sales pages, payment pages and websites. 

Over 150 Campaign Launched

Hundreds of campaign using Facebook, Instagram and Google launched, helping business to drive more traffic, generating leads and close more sales.

Ads Spent Over RM 735,155

We've been managing ads budget for variety of traffic sources, to optimize and identifying winning campaign.

Over 70 Brand Experience

From wellness industry, investment services, education industry to  e-commerce, we've been actively involving in various niches, digitizing their businesses to the next level.

Impacted Over 1,000 Students

We train and coach, CEOs, head of marketing, SME, MNCs to public listed client, enhance their digital team's competency in the workshop.

30-min session is all we need

Let Us Solve Your Marketing Challenges

Send us your website and social media account page link, we'll provide you a simple yet insightful report that will fix your marketing challenges.

These challenges are real, and they have to be fixed ASAP. We value your time, so this is going to be a highly productive 30-minute Google Meet call, a free marketing service from our team.


Media Funnel is a Digital Marketing and consulting company for your next level Facebook & Google Marketing, SEO, Social Media and content marketing. 


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