Helping Business Owners, Executives and Companies Grow Their Brand, Marketing Performance & Profits Without Increasing Cost.

Media Funnel's services help your business to be predictable


Using our propriety marketing blueprint and reports that allow you to assess progress, results and growth overtime.

Media Funnel's services help your business to be sustainable


Creating marketing strategies that allow your business to grow without increasing your marketing cost.

Media Funnel's services help your business to be scalable


Data-driven insights and vigorous A/B tests that focus on scaling campaign that works, and improve conversion.

Establish And Deepen The Relationship Between Your Business and Customers

Media Funnel helps you Establish And Deepen The Relationship Between Your Business and Customers

Redefining Customer Buying Behavioural Journey

We'll re-establish and map the customer touch points across all your sales and marketing channels from the way they make decisions, all starting from gaining awareness, to generating interest, assessing and evaluating, to taking action. 

Optimizing Your Trust Certificate

Let us help you discover your positioning in the market and optimize your unique selling proposition, to create point of differences in the market and enable your product and services to stand out in the market.

Improve Conversion and Reduce Marketing Cost

We'll work with you to establish multiple sales and marketing funnels to improve reach, generating qualified leads, and improve your overall marketing performance and results within 3 months.

What To Expect When Working With Us

Transparent Pricing

We focus on transparent pricing model, so there's no surprise here. We keep you fully informed and updated on any additional tools or time cost that may be involved in our services.

Performance and ROAS Focus

Our results are based on data-driven approach. We use ROAS and performance metrics to measure and optimize the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Dedicated Team To Support Your Growth

We're in the digital marketing industry to solve tough problems in the market, so we we're here to help you grow and succeed, every step of the way. 

Data and Account Ownership

You get complete control and access to your campaign information. We always ensure that our clients retain full ownership of their data and accounts, so we don't hold your domain, ads account, or website rights.

Accountability and Responsibility

We don't expect plans to keep up with the market changes. Therefore, we are committed to delivering results you can count on by informing you in advance on what to expect and how we deliver our results to you.

Dedicated Team To Support Your Growth

Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and skills to becoming independent on your own marketing efforts, even after our partnership has ended.

Different Stages, Different Plans

Your needs are unique,  and so are those of your customers. We'll focus on improving your marketing performance through the following strategies:

Increase Your Website Traffic

Get the right traffic to your business through proper website auditing process. Optimize your website for search, and use on-page optimization marketing to engage with your target audience.

Rank Higher On Search Engine

Use our in-house SEO framework and tools to analyze your website performance. Optimize user experience to allow Google to crawl, index and rank your site for the right audience.

Build Influence With Content Marketing

Create content that has value and is engaging. Reach out to your target audience through authority building, brand presence and trust with your audience.

Optimizing Your Sales Funnel

Reactivate your customers' experience by following up with them throughout the sales process, so that you can convert them into actual paying customers.

Retain and Activate Your Existing Customer

By combining marketing automation with CRM solutions, create amazing customer experience by utilizing our proven email marketing concepts and best practices for content writing.

Social Media Marketing

Start engaging, launching and optimizing lead generation campaigns or reaching out to potential customers through Facebook, Instagram, Google and LinkedIn.

Brand Experience

Media Funnel's Clientele

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

We are a data-driven digital marketing and consulting company that help companies achieve their marketing goals.

We focus on helping SMEs and MNCs improve their marketing performance, results and conversion based on our tried-and-tested approach.

What's so special about your services?

We make informed decisions using data-driven approach to measure, improve and scale our marketing campaign. 

In the meantime, we also train your team to become full-stack multi-talented digital marketers like an in-house agency of yours - from brainstorming, planning, to executing your marketing campaigns across multiple Social Media and Search Engine channels. 

That way, your brand becomes more independent, and you don't have to rely on us in the long run.

What services do you offer?

Depending on your company's strategic direction, we'll work closely with the top management to ensure the strategies align with your marketing goals. 

Our services include content marketing, social media marketing, Google display network, search engine optimization, email marketing, sales funnel, marketing automation, website optimization and copywriting.

What types of industry have you worked with?

We have over 70 brands experience ranging from health and beauty industry from salon, make-up to aesthetic clinics, IT software solutions, coaching and consulting industry, online magazines, seminars and events, to government related agencies such as Tourism Malaysia.

Do you have any case studies of the work you’ve done?

Yes, we do!

Simply contact us and we will send you our previous results and case studies. For more raving reviews and testimonials, check out the 130+ reviews we have on our Facebook and Google.

How long is the contract working with Media Funnel?

Our contract ranges from 3-month to 12-month, depending on the roles, responsibilities and overall job scope.

Of course, we do provide one-off services when it is necessary.

Do you provide internship opportunities?

Absolutely! If you're passionate about online marketing and business development, we're happy to guide and train you during your Internship (No experience required). 

Please send your CV to [email protected], and we'll get in touch with you.

Let's Build Your Company’s “Marketing Operating System” With Plans And Everything You Need To Get Predictable, Sustainable and Scalable Results

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