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M1.0 Transformational Programme

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One-off Annual Events

We Do : Headstart / Goal Setting, Mid Year Review, Final Sprint, Motivational Sharing, Client Talk & Seminar Selling

We provide the above services for Insurance Companies and Agencies. Our USP is that we are positioning ourselves as external and independent consultant, hence our pitch are more neutral, our advices and suggestions are more client oriented (personal level).
Why Leaders love engaging us :

Headstart / Goal Setting, Mid Year Review, Final Sprint, Motivational Sharing

- We help to organise and arrange everything for our clients. 

- We see and discuss the issue from a different perspective, hence the impact and outcome will be different.

Client Talk & Seminar Selling

 Agents invite their clients to an event and Eric will speak as main speaker in the event to deliver messages for selling purpose. Sometimes we have specific products to sell sometimes just generally increase the awareness of insurance. Sometimes it is for recruitment purposes where we call it Business Opportunity Presentation / Preview (BOP).

12-months Consulting Programmes

We Do: Producers’ Productivity Consulting; Agency Building & Recruitment Consulting.

Under this consulting programme, we handhold insurance agencies for a longer period of time to ensure more effective of implementation of whatever we have taught. Many people come to class to learn but at the end of the day, execution is the crucial part bcs that is what brings the result and outcome to the participants. Meeting up once a month to touch base and follow up, will help to ensure / encourage execution is done at the participants’ end.

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