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We partner with growth-minded companies helping them accelerate their transformation process and goal

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ETCT was founded in 2020 by Eric Tsu following his experience as a financial services professional. ETCT is a highly personalized practice sought after by clients and advisors alike. As we continually explore ways to enhance our client services, we focus on cultivating long-term relationships by delivering added/extra value to clients through policy consulting and guidance.

We help people discover where they want to go and devise a strategy to get them there successfully. Our clients benefit from a relaxed experience of working with our highly knowledgeable team, who prefer to do business face to face as often as possible. We listen closely to the diverse needs and goals of each client, analyze the obstacles they face, and use the tools and resources to advise on the optimal solutions and to execute a strategy. 


To be the most Profitable & Charitable Consulting Firm from Malaysia to Asia


To create 10,000 Sales Professionals, who help 1,000,000 families in Financial Planning through ETCT Training, Coaching and Education.

Core Value

-Empowering Talents

-Engineering Transformation

-Ensuring Truthfulness

People Choose ETCT

We have been recognized with companies and partners as one of the world's top companies for consulting. 

Join the pool of satisfied clients now!

Envision your road to success

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Objectively integrate enterprise-wide strategic theme areas with functionalized infrastructures. Interactively productize premium technologies whereas interdependent utilize quality vector markets.


+01 234 567 890


123 Street, London, EM1 5TQ, England

9am - 5pm GMT Mon - Fri

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