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Build a Lead-Capturing & Revenue-Focus Online Marketing Team

This is a year long marketing coaching program for companies that want to take their digital strategy to the next level. We use digital marketing framework that is proven to be sustainable, predictable and scalable with tactical sessions, accountability coaches, and world-class training.


Build a Profitable Marketing Team That Can...

Increase Website Traffic

Drive high quality visitor to your site and optimize your website conversion.

Generate Leads Consistently

Reach out to your audience and generate consistent leads though Social media.

Improve Campaign Conversion

Reduce cost per results and maximize your advertising budget in no time.

Systemize and Automate

Save more cost, eliminimate non-productive work and drive growth with customer experience automation.

Gain Marketing Insights

Track your results, analyse it with ease and make informed marketing decision to generate more leads and sales.

Optimize and Scale

Know how and what to optimize, and scale your winning campaign with our proven optimization method.


Here's Who We Can Help:

Head of Marketing

Who want to short-cut the learning curve and build a highly competent marketing team for the company.

Founders & Entrepreneurs

Who want to get unstuck, avoid burned, and ready to grow a small team to start growing their business again.

Agency Owners

Who want to launch profitable digital strategy to support their distributor and agents for more leads and sales.


Here's How It Works

Phase 1: Customer Acquisition Audit

We'll work with you to design and document a proven customer acquisition process that can help you generate a consistent, predictable, and growing flow of new leads and sales on autopilot.

Here's what is included:

Identifying Customers Online Buying Journey
Customer's roadmap acquisition clarity
Prioritizing your sales and marketing flow 
Marketing campaign channel audit
Marketing tools and automation setup
Phase 2: Build Your Core Metrics

In this phase, we'll help you build powerful monitoring dashboards that communicate how the company digital strategy is progress so that you can make informed decisions when looking at the data... 

Without having to invest in expensive tools and analytics solutions.

Re-define your main metrics
Analyze existing digital campaign
Acquisition Advertising Cost reduction strategy
Tracking and reporting tools setup & training
Track and improve digital marketing performance
Phase 3: 90-Day Strategic Marketing Plan

We’ll work together to design a custom, 90-Day Marketing Plan that focuses your activities, eliminate non-productive marketing tasks, and getting the right people to work with, to ensures the right projects get executed in the right sequence.

Demand and offer analysis
Copywriting and Creatives Strategy
Campaign A/B test and conversion optimization
Private coaching and training
Marketing tools and automation setup
Phase 4: Building a Growth Team

We'll show you how to organize, attract, and enable a team of best-in-class employees, contractors, and agencies who are experts in their field and capable of working together to help your company achieve its growth goals.

Setting, KPIs roles and responsibility
Scorecard strategic planning
Hiring channel and interview selection
Developing core competency
Managing a highly competent marketing team
Phase 5: Installing Your Process And System

Documenting what's work and what is not, with our proprietary checklist, template, tools and management tools that is predictable and scalable.

Framework and checklist setup
Technical and support channel setup
Putting all works into documentation
90-growth process blueprint
Reporting system and tools integration

Meet Your Coaches & The Team

Alexander Ang

CEO of Media Funnel, certified digital marketing professional, with over 7 years of marketing experience with more than 70+ brand experiences since 2015.

Bernard Hay

Master Trainer and CEO of Asia Internet Marketing. Trained over 2,000 students across ASEAN countries for SME and MNC companies.

Mindie Sai

Sales performance coach and master trainer specializing in helping companies to improve their sales growth from 30% to 400% in ASEAN countries.

Eric Tsu

Trained over 300 leaders and over 4,000 students on communication and sales conversion strategist for agencies and sales team.

Nicola Ng

Nicola Ng

Digital Marketing Specialist, BSc. International Business & Marketing. Over 7 years in business administration, project and event management. Enthusiastic, Determine and Organize. 

Vivien Lau

Creative Designer of Media Funnel. With  background in Graphic Design. Aim to deliver quality artworks that can complement digital marketing strategy. Innovative, Impactful and Expressive.

Kelie Wong

Kelie Wong

Social Media Marketer, Bachelor of Psychology. (Hons). With 2 years experience in service industry. Adaptable, Empathetic and Strategic.

Client & Students Who're Trusting Us!


Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Apply?

To be a good fit for marketing elite coaching, you are probably:

1. A head of marketing who is managing a marketing team with a proven and sellable product/service for the company.

2. A founder and entrepreneur who wants to build a marketing team to scale your business, but has struggled to duplicate the current success online.

3. An agency owner who has a network of agents or distributors, but lacks ideas and a digital strategy to assist them to breakthrough and grow profitably.

Or any business owner who wants to digitize and transform their business through both online and offline channels to achieve high performing and synergize sales and marketing team in the next 3-6 months.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes, if for any reason at all you don’t feel the program is the right fit for you, we offer a 30-day refund policy after completing our feedback form.

How Is This Elite Growth Coaching Different?

Our mentor and coaches has been in the sales and digital marketing industry for more than 10 years, and has successfully trained and coached thousands of students across ASEAN countries, from SME, MNC to public listed companies in driving more sales revenue and achieve their marketing goals. 

We practice and uses own branding, proven marketing and conversion strategies, we want to transfer the exact same method to you.

What's My Investment?

This programme starts from RM 4,800 per month for a full-year or a 6-month programme, depending on your goal, company size, annual turnover, team numbers and current available resources.

What is the time commitment? Will this be a distraction?

There will be a once a month to bi-weekly online or physical coaching session, together with multiple customized in-house training sessions from time to time several times a year. 

Time commitment is spread across CEOs, top management and your team. It varies from 45-minute per session to 4-8 hours per session. 

The program is designed to help you shortcut your learning curve, with practical on-site session, to leverage your available time to get the most out of your investment, without standing in the way of your day to day responsibilities.

How Do I Know If I'm Fit For The Program?

We offer a free 45-minute strategy session (via Zoom) to understand more about your goals and directions. This is a no-strings attached strategy session. Simply fill up the application form below, and one of our team members will get in touch with you.

Want To Learn More?

Click on the button below, fill up the application or waiting list form to help us understand your digitization goal for the year 2023 and beyond. We'll inform you when the coaching programme is open for application.


We help visionary companies to grow and digitize their business online from 2 - 10 times without exhausting their marketing budget.


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Elite Growth Coaching Waitlist

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45-Min Strategy Session

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Elite Grow Coaching Waitlist

Enter your details below and our team will be in touch with you once our Elite Coaching Programme are open for application.


Elite Grow Coaching Waitlist

Enter your details below and our team will be in touch with you once  our Elite Coaching Programme are open for application.