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Helping Companies Accelerate Marketing Performance With Framework That Works For Their Brand


Boost Traffic

Learn strategic ways to drive quality and consistent traffic to your business through without increasing your advertising budget.

Generate Leads

Tried, tested and proven lead generation method to help you engage with more prospects through copies, offers and optimization.

Improve Conversion

Measure, analyze and improve your marketing conversion through data-driven optimization process with less time and effort.

What's Your Marketing Challenges?

Cost per lead and acquisition are expensive?
Relying too much on one marketing channel?
Not able to work with outsource agency effectively?
Running campaign that is burning up your ads budget?
Confused and overwhelmed with all the updates?

Not sure what went wrong,

Not sure what need to be fixed...

Did you realize that?

You may have some successes with your marketing previously, but you can't duplicate the same result or make it better after that.

What works now, it doesn't work few months or even weeks later.

We've been there... and it could be frustraing at times.

What Should You Do Instead?

Instead of trying Googling your way, watch some Youtube tutorial, get your answers from groups and forum, do these instead:

Optimizing your customer online buying journey.
Analyse the market demand and competitiveness.
A/B split test your marketing campaigns.
Setup a proper measurement report.
Integrating operating system that is sustainbale and scalable.

That's what we've been doing for more than 70 brands since 2020... 

Helping our client to digitize their marketing and business online, with proven framework that is predictable, sustainable and scalable. 

We love working with inspiring companies that strive to improve, grow and thrive, in many years to come, no matter how good or bad the economy does.

Let Us Grow With You

We've been doing tonnes of digitization work such as content marketing, strategi planning, search marketing, email marketing, copywriting, sales funnel and webpage development.

And we know that not all campaign, offers, products and services are created equal...

Each of them have their own online behavioural journey, different ways of getting people to know you, like you and buying from you.

We hope that, through our lessons and insights, we can share what we've learned to more companies like yours - whether you're an entrepreneur, director or CEO, 

Helping you to grow your online would be our main mission. 

If this sounds like something that you're looking for, then we would love to hear from you.

Here's What We Do Best:

 Certification & Training

In-house corporate training, HRD Corp and Certified Digital Marketing Institute programme that will level up your marketing and team's competency, skills, and business.

Services and Consulting

Prioritize, simplify and automate your company strategic marketing goal with on-going coaching sessions that will accelerate your company's marketing results by 3 to 10 times.

Digital Marketing For Non-Marketers

That's our tagline.

We want to be the enabler, enabling individual, companies and orgnization to achieve their marekting goal even if they're a total beginner

We share what is working now and what is not, with marketing tools to help people like you regain the confidence and competency.

Media Funnel - Our Mission
Media Funnel - Our Vision

Our Purpose and Mission

To become an inspiration to empower businessess to grow and thrive so that they can continue to provide great value and impact for their customers online.

If you are a purpose driven enterprise who're serious about spreading your cause, message and movement to the world for the greater good... 

Then Media Funnel would love to be part of your journey, growing together with you, helping you to succeed online.

We have been working with many partners from different industry, to add more value by contributing our work back to the community, including Penjana Kerjaya Malaysia, Perkeso, HRD Corp, MDEC, Training Providers and many more since 2020.

Media Funnel Core Values

Our Core Values:

Every Business Can Succeed Online

Whether you're selling products or offering services, online channels is critical to your business success, by reaching  out to the right audience.

Uncover your online customer journey and start applying the flywheel growth framework will definitely accelerate your growth online.

Digital Marketing for Non-Marketers

As long as you're serious about growing your business online, you too can learn the art of digital marketing and succeed, from any background, education level or your age.

Transperancy & Social Learning

Access to information should be at our finger tips. 

We believe in givers gain with the mantra "The more you give, the more you'll receive." Because the act of giving change people's lives.

We share everything that we've learned, and transfer the knowledge and skillset to our clients.

And from there, we learned from the others too.

Track Record

The Difference We Made 

Over 70 Brand Experience

We help brands to increase their brand presence, generate steady streams of leads, and increase the overall sales  with less cost by leveraging Social Media marketing channel such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google Search Engine.

Published More Than 400 Webpages

We have reviewed, revamped and published hundreds
of webpages that goes live in Google Search Engine for search marketing campaign and social media campaign. These pages includes landing pages , e-Commerce, sales pages, webinar pages and websites.

Over 150 Campaign Launched

From competitor analysis, planning, copywriting, deisgn to campaign launching and optimization, that's what we do every day, to improve our client's brand's exposure, driving traffic, generate leads that contributing to 5-6 figure of monthly and yearly revenue.

Managing Over RM 735,155 Ads Spent

Whether you're spending 10 or 20 dollars a day, we work with the team to optimize your new and existing ads campaign, to reduce the overall customer acquisition cost. This is done through constant optimization, campaign monitoring and A/B testing to increase the ROAS (Return on Ad Spent).

Over 106 Positive Reviews and Testimonials

Not only we have been featured in conference, talks and as a guest speaker, we have also received ove 100 testimonials and reviews from students locally and internaionally.

Nothing is more fufilling than when your hardwork helps transforming people's life, one step at a time.

You can checkout all our reviews here on Facebook and Google

Participants From All-Walks Of Life

We trained and coached business owner, directors, managers and executives to develop their digital skills and advance their business and career through customize Digital Marketing syllabus and programme. 

Some of the company we have trained include Tune Talk Malaysia, Tokio Marine, Abott Malaysia, Bio-Life, Nirvana, DKSH, Financial Institution, Goverment Sector and
Property Agencies and Developer just to name a few.

Meet The Team

Alexander Ang Profile

Alexander Ang

CEO of Media Funnel, certified digital marketing professional, with over 7 years of marketing experience with more than 70+ brand experiences since 2015.

Nicola Ng

Nicola Ng

Digital Marketing Specialist, BSc. International Business & Marketing. Over 7 years in business administration, project and event management. Enthusiastic, Determine and Organize. 

Vivien Lau

Vivien Lau

Creative Designer of Media Funnel. With  background in Graphic Design, aim to deliver quality artworks that can complement digital marketing strategy. Innovative, Impactful and Expressive.

Kelie Wong

Kelie Wong

Social Media Marketer, Bachelor of Psychology. (Hons). With 2 years experience in service industry. Adaptable, Empathetic and Strategic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who are we?

We are a digital marketing and consulting company that focuses on helping companies digitalise their business with less cost and more profits with our proven and sustainable marketing approach to accelerate companies marketing and revenue growth. 

What makes us different?

We make decision using data-driven approach, to measure and improve our marketing campaign. We know how to train you and your team to become a full-stack marketer, like an in-house agency of yours, from how to structure and achieve your marketing goals, to things like what types of metrics to look for, what types of data is important for every channel, prioritise, simplify and organise them to make better marketing decisions. 

What services do you offer?

1. Other than marketing services, we provide digital marketing certification training (With our associate partner) and in-house competency training. You can checkout all the modules here.

2. We also provide marketing and sales elite coaching and consulting programme. 

You can get more details here

What types of industry have you worked with? 

We have over 70 brands experience ranging from health and beauty industry, aesthetic clinics, fundraisers, insurance and property agencies, banking industry, IT solutions, education industry, supplement, online magazines, seminars and events, government agencies and tourism Malaysia.

Do you have previous case studies of the work you've done?

Yes, we do! Simply contact us and we will send you our previous results and case studies. 

For more raving reviews and testimonials, check out the 103+ reviews we have on our Facebook and Google.

Confessions Of a Marketer To CEO

Get Behind-The-Scene Business & Marketing Lessons

Get regular updates and marketing insights that can help you drive more traffic, generate leads and conversion online from me and my team.


Media Funnel is a Digital Marketing and consulting company for your next level of Facebook & Google Marketing, SEO, Social Media and content marketing. 


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